White Haute Night – Glam Bois

WHN – June 11

Fashion shows have been around since the 1800’s when they were named fashion parades. These parades débuted the newest ideas designers had showcase to the world and, at times, were called revolutionary.

Tabbuli is known for not only celebrating clothing in their weekly White Haute Night fashion shows, but also showcasing body art as well as bar talent. This Thursday night on June 11, the fashion show will feature and support the culture of “Glam-Bois.” This “Gay Glam Guy Fest” will be spotlighting a particular culture of gay men.  This fashion parade will be loud, fun, and celebrating lives.

The music starts up at 8pm with DJ Trevor D so get in and grab yourself a cocktail beforehand. Jaisee Alexander will start this show up at 9pm as your host.

Make sure you don’t miss out on what your friends are talking about on Friday mornings. Tabbuli is the hottest place to be on a Thursday


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