Tabbuli Lunch Special – Mezze Box Lunch

Remember the simple days of field trips and boxed lunches? Tabbuli is bringing that feeling back with their new Mezze Boxed Lunch specials for a limited time until 4pm this summer.

Choose between three delicious well balanced boxed lunches for the low price of $8.99. Your first option includes a classic Kabob (gyro, chicken, or falafel) served with basmati rice, grilled vegetables, and tahini sauce. For the days you are craving a robust salad, opt for the Mezze Mix. This refreshing salad has it all. Sautéed chickpeas, cucumber, tomato, tabbuli salad, romaine, humus, tahini, Sriracha, and Charleston Hospitality Group’s own Whisk organic vinaigrette is sure to make your taste buds happy. If it is a sandwich or pita option you would rather have, Tabbuli does not disappoint with the Stuffed Pita. This grilled pita is stuffed with feta cheese, provolone, and tabbuli salad then served with a side of tzatziki sauce and Jerusalem salad.

No matter which of the three selections you pick, a Mezze Boxed Lunch from either one of the two Tabbuli locations is sure to give you a great meal in time for you to head back to the office. Take some time from your lunch hour to visit Tabbuli downtown today at 6 N Market Street or stop in the West Ashley location at 2026 Savannah Highway.



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