Who will win a $5,000 scholarship to the Art Institute of Charleston?

Art Institute of Charleston 12 hours of design competition, as part of the White Haute Nights series.

Starting 8am Saturday March 1st; Students from the Art institute of Charleston will compete for a $5,000.00 Scholarship offered by Tabbuli for their White Haute Nights series.  

White Haute Nights is a continuos celebration honoring Charleston’s  local fashion design efforts, every Thursday evening from 7pm-9pm, coinciding with the upcoming Fashion Week.

For 12 hours the Fashion Students will be put to the test under the pressure of a very real deadline.  They will be shown art work in the form of a sculpture, paintings, etc for inspiration; and challenged to design, create and complete an original one of a kind garment. The deadline for completion will be Saturday night at 8pm.

Timeline for the competition was as follows:

8am.  Students will be given their assignment and 30 minutes to come up with an idea and draw out their design.

9am.  Students will be shuttled to a local fabric store where they will have 30 minutes and $50 to shop for their creation.

Students then head back to the Art Institute where they will make their design a reality.  Students will have until 8pm to complete their piece and fit their model.

Meeting deadlines within the creative process is a real life objective that must be  learned and mastered…says Sam Mustafa CEO of The Charleston Hospitality Group.

Students will present their final piece Thursday March 6th at Tabbuli as part of their White Haute Nights series.  Judges include Charlotte Beck, Owner of Elysium Salon and The Elysium Agency,  Anna Stahl, Fashion Editor of Charleston Style and Design and Lynne Riding, artist and Program Coordinator at the Art Institute of Charleston.  The winner will be presented with a $5,000 scholarship to the Art Institute of Charleston by Sam Mustafa, CEO of Charleston Hospitality Group.


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