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We may be busy gearing up for a big Memorial Day weekend, but we’re never to busy to listen to what you have to say. In fact, we love hearing from you. Where do we have room for improvement? What are some of your favorite items on the menu? Let us know!

Here’s an excerpt from a recent review on TripAdvisor—thanks for the kind words!

“The service has been professional in my experiences without fail. One of the staff members remembered me by name. The location makes me say, “Why not?”….Lastly, I sit and think as I am eating that they spent much more time on their patio decor than most other establishments, and they did a great job. Being right next to where the cruise ships dock, the environment they created makes you feel like you are somewhere else other than Charleston in a way…”

We’ll see you on the patio, Charleston!




2 responses

  1. We drove to Charleston from Orlando. After circling the city for approximately an hour I happened to notice a place called Tabbuli. You see my 76 year old Mother was experiencing pain in her knee. This prevented me from using a parking garage or parking at a considerable distance from any eatery. I noticed 3 energetic employees outside Tabbuli manning the podium. I asked them if valet parking was offered. They appologetically said no. I jokingly asked if they would park car for $20 Bucks. A very enthusiastic young man by the name of Jason said he would park the car for me. He drove away. We entered the restaurant, I realized my cell phone had been left behind in the car. That is when Jason (who we now know is a mind reader) returned with my keys, cell phone, and the $20! I asked him to keep the $20, however he insisted it was his pleasure to have been of assistance and respectfully declined taking the tip. I tried to force him however, this guy is pretty quick on his feet. I was very impressed with the level of service Jason provided with no need for reward!
    I enjoyed a very tasty Kofta Kabob, rice & salad, with a side of Falafel! Yummy! It was during the meal that I met Alex (muscle tatt) a very nice, informative, server who made every member of our party feel a personal connection with her. I had no room for dessert however Alex tactfully told me I was going inject more insulin and was having the Baklava.
    I thoroughly enjoyed my experience at Tabbuli. I can tell you Jay, that you are truly blessed to have employees such as Jason & Alex on your team. Each of them went above the call of duty to pay “special attention” to us and turn our frustration into bliss!
    Thank you Jason! Thank you Alex!

    Carlos Gonzalez

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